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Solar Panel Cleaning

Nov 9, 2020Tips

Why Think About Solar Panel Cleaning?

As you’d imagine, the more light that hits your solar panels, the more power they will generate. That’s why it’s important to have your solar panels regularly cleaned to keep them working at maximum efficiency.

We recommend having your solar panels cleaned at least once a year, but you should really be thinking about having them cleaned every 6 months to ensure they stay free from dirt and organic matter. This will keep them working at maximum efficiency as well as protecting and maintaining your investment

How Do You Clean Solar Panels?

We use the latest 100% pure water cleaning system to clean residential and commercial solar panelling. This ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for your solar panels and the environment. It’ll keep your solar panels cleaner for longer – saving you money on your electricity bills.

Our specially designed pole uses a scratch free brush ensuring a perfectly clear result every time without any danger of damaging the panels.

So, if you live in Reading, Wokingham, or surrounding areas and have solar panels fitted on your property, why not contact us about our solar panel cleaning services and getting them working as efficiently as possible.